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Objectives for Chapter 10

15.Predict the physical and chemical properties of an element based only on its location in the periodic table.
17.Use the periodic table to compare electronegativities and ionization energies of elements to explain period properties such as atomic size.

Objectives for Chapter 11
  1. Draw accurate valence electron configurations and Lewis dot structures for selected molecules, ionic and covalent compounds, and chemical equations.
13.Identify the number of bonds an atom can form given the number of valence electrons.
22. Predict the kind of bond that will form between two elements based on electronic structure and electronegativity of the elements (ex, ionic, polar, nonpolar).
23.Model chemical bond formation by using Lewis dot diagrams for ionic, polar, and nonpolar compounds.

Objectives for Chapter 13

24.Describe the influence of intermolecular forces on the physical and chemical properties of covalent compounds.