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Covalent bond: a covalent bond is a type of bond in which atoms share electron.


In the illustation above, the four electrons between the two atoms are being shared equally by both atoms.

Their are two different types of covalent bonds.

The first type is the Non-polar Covalent bond:

In this bond, electrons are shared equally between the two atoms.​
The second type is the Polar Covalent bond:


In the Polar Covalent bond, atoms are still shared between the two atoms, however, one atom has a stronger pull. This means that the electrons will orbit the stronger atom more often than the atom with a weaker pull.

Lewis's Theory

Gilbert Newton Lewis's theory is that the number of valence electrons that an atom has is the same number as the number of bonds the atom may create.

For example: A carbon atom has four valence electrons, so it can form four different bonds.

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