What is a metal?

A metal is a solid with special properties. Metals are easily mended, have a high melting point and are a good conductor of heat and electricity. Some examples would be silver and gold. We use metals every day. Coins, pots, pans, cars all include metal. Why do these things include metal? Well metal is very tightly bonded, which makes it hard to break (in large majorities). If people want something to stay whole, metal is very useful.

What is a bond?

A bond is an attraction between two atoms. The bonds in metals are very strong because they are so close together.

Why is a metallic bond special?

A metallic bond is special because inside its intermolecular bond there is a electron sea. This electron sea is collection of delocalized electrons that
surround the normal array of electrons. These electrons make the metallic bonds stronger because the closer packed a molecule is the harder it is to brake.

The top picture is an example of metallic bonding
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13 Nov. 2009